Gears Rapeseed oil


Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil from Gears’ Oil. This is made by James Greary from his unit near Hungerford using Wiltshire grown oil seed rape. For more information visit


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Packaging: Glass Bottle. Please rinse and leave on doorstep for collection. Recycle cap.

Instructions on Returning Packaging

The success of 10 Green Bottles’ mission to reduce waste relies heavily on customers participating and following our guidelines on packaging returns.

Please treat our packaging as follows:

Packaging TypeInstructions
750ml Glass bottleRinse and return
250ml Glass Bottle Rinse and return
500ml Jar Rinse and return
150ml Jar Rinse and return
1.5L Clip Top Jar Rinse and return
250ml Kilner jar Rinse and return jar and metal cap
Household cleaning bottles and caps Rinse and return
Shampoo & Bodywash bottles and caps Rinse and return
All Glass Bottle caps kerbside recycling
Glass Jar Caps (not Kilner caps)kerbside recycling
Butter wrap Compost/ household waste
Cheese packaging Household waste

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