Our mission is to supply local customers with the highest quality food and drink products whilst minimizing our environmental footprint.

Reduce food miles

All of our products are sourced from the nearest possible supplier that shares our values in terms of animal welfare and environmental protection.

This is why most of our suppliers are within a few miles of our site in Wroughton and all are within 50 miles. 

All our deliveries are made locally and using electric vehicles powered by solar.

Reuse packaging

Apart from the cheese, butter and bread (which are packaged in biodegradable paper) all of the products sold by 10 Green Bottles are sold in reusable containers that are returned to us to be washed and refilled.

Our reusable containers are as follows:

  1. Glass bottles:- Milk, Cream, Flavored Milk, Juice
  2. Glass Jars: – Yoghurt, Preserves, honey, grains 
  3. HDPE plastic bottles:- Hair & body wash and household cleaning

Replant Trees 

10 Green Bottles is a partner of  ‘Plant Your Future’, a tree planting and conservation charity working in the Amazon rainforest.

We have pledges £1,000/ year plus 10% of all profits from 10 Green Bottles to this charity to offset our impact on the planet.

‘Plant Your Future’ work with small scale Peruvian farmers who normally make a living from ‘slash and burn’ farming in the Amazon Rainforest. This involves cutting down an area of trees and planting continual crops until the high rainfall has leached and eroded the soil to a point where it is barren. They then cut down another area of the rainforest and start again.

The charity educates the farmers on methods of agroforestry that prevents soil erosion and leaching and enables the farmers to farm sustainably on the same area of land indefinitely which prevents the need for further deforestation. The charity also pays for the planting of new trees as part of the agroforestry.

Tree planting in the amazon has a much higher effect on climate change than tree planting in the UK  as the trees are growing all year and consume more C02 through respiration.

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