Catering to the discerning coffee drinker and feeding the famished of Marlborough, Wiltshire.

When we first opened the doors to our shop, we did so in order to run an establishment that provided very good coffee and sandwiches made with the highest quality ingredients.
We have stuck to our aim and have rapidly become the byword for Marlborough’s discerning coffee drinkers. The best part is that people now use us for many reasons, either catering for an entire party or flying through for a breakfast croissant and coffee.

Food Miles to Swindon : 12 miles

Locally sourced products



Reduce food miles

20 years ago we used to have a local milk round and now, thanks to new technology we’re able to deliver again. We have up-cycled an old milk float, charged it with solar electric and have a phone app ordering system.

All of our products are sourced from the nearest possible supplier that shares our values in terms of animal welfare and environmental protection.

This is why most of our suppliers are within a few miles of our site in Wroughton.